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Advanced Automated Trading Software

black box robot desktop viewThe Black Box Robot is a new automated software for trading binary options. The software is made with a variety of trading algorithms you can choose, based on technical analysis indicators like RSI, Fibonacci, Bollinger Bands, and Price Action.

Robots and algorithm trading software have become very popular lately with investors who trade binary options. A binary options trader can choose which assets, and which trading strategy to execute the trade signals automatically at their binary options broker.

The purpose of the Black Box Robot is to create a software with which the user has the ability to control certain aspects of the automated trading robot, and increase the probability of profits.

Risk Management

Black Box Robot Notebook ViewThere are many risks involved using a Software, Auto Trader or Robot for binary options trading.

Although the algorithm behind the system was developed by real forex traders, there is no such thing as a perfect trading system. The way traders profit from algorithm trading, involves constant monitoring of the trades that the robot produces.

A trader must constantly analyze the accuracy of the trading signals for each asset it is trading.

For example: A trading algorithm may have a 90% success rate when it comes to signals on the EUR/USD, but when the same algorithm is applied to the GBP/USD the results are only a 10% success rate.

Black Box Robot includes a few risk management features like Daily Stop Loss, Daily Take Profit and the ability to control the number of trades per day and simultaneous open positions. It is important for anyone using the software to understand the risks involved in using the software.

Binary Option Brokers

Algorithm Trading Software CodeIn recent years many fraudulent binary option brokers have opened. These fake websites are not licensed or regulated by any government financial regulator. They have flooded the internet with trading robots that promise 100% accuracy and money back guarantees.

You will not find any fake testimonials or demo accounts at Black Box Robot.

The Black Box Robot is only connected with brokers that are licensed and regulated by either IFSC, CySEC Cyprus or ASIC Australia, see here. The software itself is not a licensed product, and there are no guarantees it will produce positive results.

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