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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need trading experience to use the robot?

Yes, although the Black Box Robot is very easy to configure, trading in Forex markets is very risky. It is important that you understand how the financial markets work, and use proper risk management.

What is Reverse Trading?

Reverse trading is a feature used to make the software place the opposite trade. If reverse trading is enabled; when the software generates a buy signal, it will buy a Put option, instead of a Call option.

The reverse trading feature is used by people who don’t believe the software algorithm is correct. Traders will also enable reverse trading when the robot is not placing winning trades.

Which Broker should I trade with?

A brokerage account is automatically opened for you when you create an account at the Black Box Robot. Depending on your country of residence, you may have the option to choose another broker.

The software allows you to use multiple brokers, and you can create a different trading strategy at each broker.

For example: If you want to use reverse trading on a specific strategy and only on certain assets, you can create a separate brokerage account for that purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best settings for the robot?

The purpose of the Black Box Robot is for you, the trader, to pick your own settings.

Does the robot place trades if I am not logged in?

If you have the robot activated, it will place trades whenever a new signal is generated.

Can I use my existing account at my broker with your robot?

In order to use the robot with your current broker, you must create a new trading account with a different email address. The Black Box Robot connects via API to the broker, and can only access an account that you created via the robot software.

What is the minimum amount to deposit?

The minimum deposit varies from broker to broker. Most brokers have a minimum deposit requirement of $250.

How do I make a deposit / withdraw money from the robot software?

All deposits and withdrawals happen at your brokers’ website. The Black Box Robot is not your broker, and does not hold your funds.

What expiry times does the software place trades for?

The typical trade alerts are for Forex trades that range from 15 minutes to one hour.

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