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Why Choose Black Box Robot

Only Licensed Brokers

Smart investors only use a licensed Forex broker:

Black Box Robot Settings

  • All Brokers connected with Black Box Robot are legal.
  • You can use more than one broker.
  • More industry leading brokers are joining each month.

Advanced Auto Trading Robot

A full featured automated trading robot where you are in control:

  • Choose from four trading strategies
  • Select the currency pairs for the robot to trade
  • Set a daily stop loss & take profits
  • Reverse Trade feature
  • Adjust the standard trade size
  • Limit the number of daily trades and simultaneous orders

No Testimonials or False Promises

Black Box Robot is a real auto trading software for people who understand the risk.

Black Box Robot Software

  • Results are different for each person using the software.
  • There are no promises that you will make any money.
  • There is an equal chance of losing money, as there is making money.
  • Only trade with money that you can afford to lose.

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